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Projekt Clarin

Was ist das Projekt Clarín?

From the heart of Castile, we offer our services in the construction of organs in the purest style of the Iberian instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries.

We build copies of historical Iberian organs, models we have previous experience with and newly designed models.

Technique and passion at the service of the Iberian repertoire and Baroque music.

The Aim of the Project

With the Clarín Project, our workshop wants to supply instruments suitable for the study and performance of  Iberian organ music to environments where this discipline could developed but there are no organs of this style available. Thus, we provide our technical and aesthetic knowledge of the Spanish organs from the 18th century.

Organs built for the Clarín Project



The Style

The Spanish Baroque organ has well defined and peculiar characteristics which distinguish it from the instruments that came before and from its European contemporaries. Based on this organ style, it exists a particular repertoire that takes on its full meaning when it is performed using the appropriate instrument. Although the divided stops, horizontal reeds and meantone temperament are its most important formal features, there is more, for the emission of sounds of the pipes, the timbral features and the harmonic balance of the stops are also determining in a style that bustles with originality and inspiration.

More information about the Castilian Baroque organs

Correa de Arauxo

Facultad Orgánica (1626) by Francisco Correa de Arauxo.